Firstly you should stretch an get your muscles warmed up! 


If you choose to do squats you should really pay attention to your form. You will damage your body if you use the wrong form. So just try to start of with little weight. Always try to lift explosively. Once you got the right form you should start using weights that allow you to do 3-5 reps. Do 3 sets. Squats should be done every 2-3 days.

Every 2 weeks you should raise the weight by a few Kg's.


Lunges are a great exercise to work on your vertical jumping ability. For this you should take a dumbbell in each hand. Once again: Lift explosively! 

You should be able to do between 5-10 reps. Again you should do 3 sets every 2-3 days.

Box Jumps:

You probably know how these are done. Focus on your arm and shoulder action use all upward momentum you can get. Do 3-5 Sets every 2 days.


Use a barbell or dumbbells to add some extra weight. Raise your heels explosively and lower them slowly. When you are about to touch the ground with your heels explode back up. 

Tip: While you are exploding upwards try to pull up your shoulders as well to train the movement.

Frog Jumps:


Push Ups:

Should be self explanatory.

Training Plan: